Friday, January 30, 2009


Took me a little longer to get back here again. but here are the fabrics I promised to post.

My friend Nadine from Germany gave me this great Oilily reprint to sell for her.The fabric was made exclusively for her you won't find it anywhere else in the US. It is a very soft corduroy, 100% cotton. The width is about 56 inches.

Just think of all the beautiful things you could make out of this.

I think I'll make a spring coat for Sasha out of the olive colored one.
I would like $ 13.00 per yard, plus shipping. If you should be interested let me know.
As you can see in the pics, I have several yards of each color.

You should also check out Nadine's shop, she has some real neat stuff. I'll help with the translating if need be.


Kim said...

I need some help translating the fabric site. I would like to place an order, but the final billing page is taking too long to translate. Does she take credit cards?

anjana said...

Hello Kim,

yes Nadine will take credit cards through paypal. Let me know if you need more help!


Design by Tine said...

Hi Anjana .... na wie gehts ....

wahnsinn ...... da hast du ja was vor .....
aber die Stöffchen hab ich ach noch hier liegen .....
schade das ich keine Zeit ahtte als du in Deutschland warst .... wäre enett
gewesen dich wieder zu sehen ....aber es war nicht leicht für uns ... und nun bist du wieder zuhause .... hoffe du hattest 2 schöne Wochen bei deiner Familie ;-)