Saturday, March 14, 2009


Evening work

Wow it has been quite a while since I posted something. I have so many things going at the same time and I guess the blog is the very last on my list.

I promise to be better...haha. Yeah, that's what they all say. But I will definitely try.

I crouched this bunny this past week while watching television. I am one of those people who can't just sit and watch the tube, I have to always either crochet or knit.
Sometimes I even make some key chains or play around with Fimo.
So how do you like this little guy? I made it for a friend of mine for her daughters baby shower. I got the idea from Beate. She already made several of these little guys.
I thought they were so cute so I had to buy the book for myself.

And this cute top I finished 2 weeks ago. My daughter likes it and in the summer she can wear it without a shirt underneath. The pattern is from Eva and you can buy the e book at Farbenmix

I'm already working on the next top. So you'll have to come back and see what it looks like when it's done.

Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you here again soon


Friday, January 30, 2009


Took me a little longer to get back here again. but here are the fabrics I promised to post.

My friend Nadine from Germany gave me this great Oilily reprint to sell for her.The fabric was made exclusively for her you won't find it anywhere else in the US. It is a very soft corduroy, 100% cotton. The width is about 56 inches.

Just think of all the beautiful things you could make out of this.

I think I'll make a spring coat for Sasha out of the olive colored one.
I would like $ 13.00 per yard, plus shipping. If you should be interested let me know.
As you can see in the pics, I have several yards of each color.

You should also check out Nadine's shop, she has some real neat stuff. I'll help with the translating if need be.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm still alive

Hi everybody,

I know it took me a little longer to post again. But, there was so much going on here that I really did not get a chance to sit down and blog.

First there was x-mas and I actually spent that with a toothache. So the day after I had to visit the dentist and guess what. He had to pull it out since I had a big abscess. And on Saturday the 27th my sister called me from Germany and begged me to come and help her with the baby.

She was real quick about getting the ticket for me. Now I had until the 30th to get the house under control and ready to leave for a 2 week visit in Konstanz, Germany.

Yeah, but there was still that darn hole in my mouth where my tooth used to be. And wouldn't you know it!? I was in agony all weekend, thanks to my doctor I at least had some Percocet (is that spelled correctly). But I really don't like taking them because they make me crazy, I always feel like I drank all night and have a real bad hangover.
I don't know how some people take them every day, oh well.

So I had to go back to the dentist on the 29th and the 30th at six thirty in the am.

So on Tuesday (30th) I left JFK Airport, my daughter and my husband behind me for 2 weeks.

The flight was the pits by the way, I had a bruised cheek and the plane was packed. The woman next to me proceeded to get drunk and snored the whole time.
What I would have given for a seat in first class!

We landet in Zuerich, Switzerland at around 11 am and I drove another hour or so to my sisters.

Finally there, I collapsed on the couch and slept for a couple of hours.

The baby is the cutest little boy but he sure cries a lot.

Let me just end this post with saying that I am way to old to be around a newborn.
I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my sister and Arik but I was happy to go back home.

My daughter actually missed me and my husband was happy he did not have to get up at six in the morning anymore. He now appreciates me getting up every morning and getting Sasha ready for school.

I will post more tomorrow, I also have some really nice corduroy fabric I want to sell here in the US.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby blanket

Look at this cute little blanket I send to my sister in Germany. She had the cutest little baby boy on December 2. Sorry, but I can't post a pic of him,but believe me when I say he will be the most loved child on this earth. My sister had a really hard time, it took 5 years and several fertility treatments for her to have this bundle of joy. And wouldn't you know it when they were ready to give up she finally got pregnant. She suffered with diabetes, which required insulin shots, every day of the pregnancy and 23 hours of labor.
I am so happy to be an aunt to this little one.

Schau t Euch diese suesse DBabydecke an. Die hab ich fuer meine Schwester in Konstanz genaeht. Am 2 Dezember hat sie nach 23 Stunden Wehen endlich ihren kleinen in den Armen halten duerfen. Leider kann ich Euch kein Foto von ihm zeigen aber glaubt mir ruhig das er das das meist geliebt Baby ueberhaupt ist. Meine Schwester hat 5 Jahre auf ihn warten muessen, nach zahlreichen Hormonspritzen hatten sie schon augegeben. Aber wie ihr sicher schon oft gehoert habt wird man schwanger wenn man es nicht erwartet. Ich freu mich so fuer sie und ihren Mann und natuerlich fuer mich selber auch, denn jetzt hab ich noch einen Neffen zum verwoehnen.

coat Fee

You probably thought I am too busy to blog right now and you are correct. I am just as busy as everybody else this month. And of course do I promise that I'll be better next year and have everything all set for the holidays a little earlier. Yeah right, that would be the day.
But I haven't just shopped and cleaned and cooked the past couple of weeks. I also did some sewing.
My daughter got a new coat, the pattern I used is Fee from farbenmix .I bought some real nice metal fabric from Anke for it. It's not really a winter coat more like and in between. I lined it with purple fleece.
The purple dotted was a gift from her and I think it makes for a nice contrast with all the purple.

I am so happy that my daughter loves it. It's not so easy anymore to make her happy these days. She is 11 and in sixth grade. You know what I mean when I use the word preteen. She reminds us every day of how easy it was just a year ago.

Ihr habt bestimmt gedacht ich bin zu sehr mit den Vorbereitungen fuer die Feiertage beschhaeftigt um zu bloggen. Was soll ich sagen? Ich bin natuerlich, wie jeder um diese Jahreszeit, voll im Stress. Und wie jedes Jahr nehme ich mir es fuer die kommenden Jahre vor es das naechste Mal frueher unter Kontrolle zu haben. Woll'n mal sehen wie es naechstes Jahr aussieht. Was meint Ihr? Werd ich mit meinen Weihnachtsvorbereitungen frueher fertig oder wird wieder alles auf den letzten Druecker erledigt?

Aber ich habe es die letzten paar Wochen doch geschafft fuer Sasha einen neuen Uebergangsmantel (Fee) zu naehen. Den lila Metallstoff hab ich von groness.

Anke hat mir den gepunkteten Stoff geschenkt und ich dachte mir das er als Kontrast zu dem ganzen Lila gut passt. Gefuettert hab ich den Mantel mit lila Fleece.

Ich frfeu mich besonders das Sasha der Mantel gefaellt, es ist zur Zeit nicht einfach es ihr recht zu machen. Sie ist jetzt 11 und geht in die sechste Klasse. Hier in Amerika
gibt es den Ausdruck Preteen. Ich weiss nicht ob ihr den in Deutschland auch gebraucht, aber ich kann Euch sagen das meine Tochter schon fast ein Teenager ist. Sie erinnert uns jeden Tag daran wie einfach es doch noch vor einem Jahr war.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weihnachtsgeschenk Gewinnspiel

I learned how to insert a link, yippie!

Please don't laugh, but in this house my husband is the computer genius.

Ich hab gelernt wie man einen Link einfuegt, bin ganz stolz auf mich. Nicht lachen, mein Mann ist doch das Computergenie hier im Haus.

Christmas present givaway

Check this one out:


BAX is going to make something for anyone who'll send her an Email and put a link to her blog. I guess the present is going to be a surprise. She has some really neat stuff she makes.

Maybe one of you'll get lucky.

Schaut mal bei BAX , vorbei, sie verlost was zu Weihnachten. Vielleicht hat ja jemand Glueck. BAX hat einen super netten Blog, klickt Euch mal durch.

Bis denne

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween 2008

I guess I'm kind of late with these pictures but hey better late than never.

I promised some of you Halloween pictures. My daughter is the green She absolutely wanted to be Gir from Invader Zim. Well we tried to do our best with the costume and this is what we ended up with.

The outfit wasn't really that hard to sew since it's the Laguna pattern from Studio Tantrum for the leggings and the Imke pattern from Farbenmix for the top.
I used 2 fleece blankets i got cheap at Ikea and some pink felt for the tongue.
The eyes are made out of screen my husband spray painted white. It was actually the hardest to figure out how to get the box to stay on her head without bobbling around and to make sure Sasha was able to see through the eye holes without anybody being able to recognize her.
Just trust me when I tell you that it was a
I guess you can see from the smiling faces what a succsess the evening ended up to be.

More next time!

Wie versprochen noch ein paar fotos von halloween. Ich weiss, wir haengen ein bischen hinterher, aber besser etwas spaeter als gar keine fotos denk ich mir.
Meine Tochter ist das gruene ding, sie wollte unbedingt gir von invader zim sein. Es war gar nicht so einfach, und hier koennt ihr sehen wie wir es umgesetzt haben.

Das kostuem selber war ja einfach, ich hab die laguna legging von Studio Tantrum verlaengert und das oberteil ist imke von Farbenmix.
Uebrigens wurden dafuer 2 fleccedecken von Ikea zerschnitten. Dann noch ein bischen rosa filz fuer die zunge. Am schwersten war es mit den augen, Sasha musste ja auch sehen koennen. Da hat mein mann dann fliegengitter mit weisser farbe besprueht und von innen an den karton geklebt. Sasha hat darauf bestanden das sie auch wirklich nimand erkennen sollte. Irgendwie hat er es auch fertiggebracht das der kopf nicht rumwackelt beim laufen.
Vertraut mir wenn ich euch sage das es eine schwere geburt war das kostuem so zu gestalten wie es Sasha sich vorgestellt hatte...lach.
An den fotos koennt ihr ja auch anhand der laechelnden gesichter sehen wie gut das kostuem angekommen ist.

Das naechste mal mehr!