Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting started

Ok, here we go!

I know, I know, another stupid blog. But maybe it won't be so stupid after all. We shall see.
Maybe some of you out there will find some interesting stuff on my blog.
I am starting this blog mainly for my friends in Germany, they have been nagging me now long enough and I made a pinky promise.

I love sewing and I love colors, I want to share my love of sewing with all of you who have the same passion or even just love looking at some European inspired creations.
I mainly use Farbenmix patterns, I found them to be the best there is for kids clothes.

I am not promising an entry every day, but I'll try and post a couple of times a week.
Christmas is coming so I am real busy making holiday gifts.
I have a few projects going right now which I will share with you guys as soon as they are completed.

I also want to apologize for my sometimes bad English.
Let me explain this a little. I am German and I live in New York state since 1991.
Sometimes it's hard for me to explain stuff in English and sometimes I also have that same problem with my German. So what I'm going to do is try to do this blog in both languages.

I hope to also update my website soon.

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